- - Captain Lazerblast - -


Original Compositions for live performance on (mostly) electronic instruments with a folk flavor.


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About CLB


stage footprint: 6'X12'
3 XLR outputs and sound technician
(can provide own sound system if necessary)


After many years of composing for various venues, Tim found a special attraction to electronic music. He spent several years pulling from his original analog training, experimenting with every aspect of contemporary electronic sounds at his disposal. After his students nick-named him “Captain Lazerblast“, he began making CD's under that name to keep a record of his compositions and sell them locally. Tim worked on Captain Lazerblast independently, but found electronic music run by a computer lacking much of the expression and spontaneity he and Maggie were creating acoustically. Finally, he decided the human element was too necessary to leave out of electronic music. He got a MIDI wind controller for Maggie and a MIDI attachment for his electric guitar. Several tone generators, effects boxes, and other electronic equipment transformed Captain Lazerblast into it’s current incarnation.

Tim's and Maggie's goal is not to become instrumental virtuosos, but to create something new. The beginning of this path has a strong foundation in the music of their pasts, including those labeled art, pop, folk, and electronic.

Whether or not they eventually reach this goal, they hope others will share in their excitement of the music they create along the way.


“Captain Lazerblast is the best of both worlds - acoustic enough to be real but electronic enough to be unpredictable. Captain Lazerblast stands out as a truly unique act; finally someone around here is doing something original.”

- Chris Nagorka, organ technician, composer, electronic musician, Charleston, WV

“As West Virginia's premiere atmospheric and experimental music outfit, the Captain Lazerblast Band takes the listener on a cosmic journey to places heretofore unknown. The band mixes virtuosic musicianship with wild sonic exploration and leaves audiences mesmerized and hooked for life.”

- Chris McLaughlin, Tamarack Events Director, Beckley, WV

"The Captain Lazerblast Band takes the listener to unexpected places. If you close your eyes, you'll find yourself in moon boots, traversing the spaces of your mind. In other words, the music evokes a journey of the imagination. Each piece is brimming with life, evoking imagery and a colorful story. I love to listen to the pieces time and again and enjoy my own little story book constructs. The music is complex and at first, it is challenging to latch in to or "understand," but it's in getting to know the pieces that the groove picks you up and latches into your mind's IPOD, becoming a most enjoyable and otherworldly serenade. "

- Lori McKinney, The Riff Raff Arts Collective, Princeton, WV

“A fresh new sound that is fun and accessible!”

- Evan Mack, D.M.A., composer, pianist, Lewisburg, WV


- Casi Null, guitarist, vocalist, Charleston, WV

The CLB logo was created by Dr. Fernando Porras. Thank you Fernando!