More About Me (Maggie, RPT)

While a student at Concord University, I became very interested in acoustics and the physics involved with musical instruments, and enthusiastically pursued information on the subject. Since pianos have inharmonicity problems not always found in other instruments, there were books specifically devoted to the physics and history of pianos. After reading these, I became fascinated with the history of temperaments and what was involved with setting temperaments in pianos as well as other instruments.

When I was fortunate enough to become a McNair Scholar, I used their resources to further pursue my interest in acoustics and music theory. I started a pre-graduate thesis related to acoustics, but eventually settled and completed one related to music theory. Although less directly related to piano tuning, this further helped my understanding of harmony and how important it is for certain overtones to line up to attain an aesthetically pleasing sound.

My husband learned basic aural tuning from a piano technician at the Cincinatti Baldwin factory before completing his doctorate in music theory and composition at the Cincinatti Concervatory of Music. He taught me what he knew in the late 90's and got me started in the field of piano tuning by 2002. I learned more about tuning, regulation, voicing and repair from members of the Piano Technicians Guild, which I joined in 2004.  I spent time at the Yamaha factory in California to gain Disklavier service certification in March of 2008, and piano regulation certification in May of 2010. I became a Certified Aural Tuner through the Butler School of Piano Technology and a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technician's Guild in August of 2020. I'm currently working as a teacher with the Butler School of Piano Technology, and as a contributor to the Professional Piano Technician's Network.

 Included with my satisfied customers are The Ahn Trio, Leon Bates, Fran Bellin, Chris Bruebek, Freddy Cole, Lynn Mackey, Pianafiddle (Adam DeGraff), The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and the Vienna Boys Choir.

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