Tim and Maggie started performing together as a winds and strings duo in 2002.

They perform a variety of music as outlined below.

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Folk Music

- Folk music from early America / Appalachia, including tunes that came over from England, France, Ireland, and Scotland, as well as some of Tim's original compositions in that style; performed on various instruments including banjo, guitar, bouzouki, flutes, whistles, small pipes, bodhran, highland pipes, tenor drum, spoons, & bones.


Early Music Before 1600

- Medieval and Renaissance tunes performed on viol da gamba, treble viol, rebec, hurdy gurdy, recorders, flutes, and crumhorn. This music dates approximately from 1200 to 1600.

- For a more robust performance such as for a Renaissance Festival, the above is combined with Celtic music on bouzouki, guitar, banjo, penny whistle, Irish flute, small pipes, bodhran, and highland pipes with tenor drum.

- Tim & Maggie can become the Scottish characters "Magnus & Maggie" with Scottish and/or Renaissance Festival garb.  "Magnus & Maggie" bring you a musical timescape from their travels in the Scottish Isles (and lives of established musical academia) along with an arsenal of historic instruments and preposterous tales in the tradition of the Jongleurs and Goliards of yore. With a magical combination of melody, song, and studied nonsense, they will captivate you with top-shelf rubbish and precise bookish history in a fine auld Scottish brew. Wherever they play, people are charmed by their wit and compelling tunefulness; they leave behind warmth, humor and a good bit of charmed esoteric magic from the tiny isle of Mainland.