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I work as a Registered Piano Technician in southern WV, as an instructor with The Butler School of Piano Technology, and as a contributor to the Professional Piano Technician's Network

I focus on long term care and maintenance of pianos. This means I do more than just tune. Pianos that haven't been serviced in many years sometimes require a full day or more to return them to good working order. This includes a pitch raise, tuning, cleaning, regulation, minor repairs, and minimal voicing. Pianos that are serviced regularly (1-4 times per year) receive these services a little at a time each visit and only receive a full day service as needed. 

Pricing and Scheduling

Fees for piano work depend on the needs of the piano and how far I must travel. Please contact me for pricing.

It is wise to plan ahead and schedule your appointment 3 to 6 months in advance. I can sometimes schedule sooner if I've have a cancellation.  If you need a last minute tuning I will try to accommodate you as best as possible or connect you with another tuner in your area. Existing customers have priority.